Kami Garcia; Broken Beautiful Hearts.

So, I was searching for a book that was heart break/love gone bad themed. It was kind of hard choosing which book to read. But then, I made a wild guess and I chose this.

Hmm, I would not say that I was disappointed though it was not really the story line or plot I was looking for but I would say the novel was good. Really good. It seemed like one of these wattpad stories. I will not be shocked if Kami first started writing this story on wattpad.

But one thing I know and I love is that Kami wrote the book based on her own personal experience. It’s quite sad 😪.

OK, so what’s the story???


Tess should know the truth soon, if she doesn’t already. But what will that do to our friendship? Will things ever be the same between us if Reed gets banned from the league? I’m the one who reported him. Will Tess think about that every time her mom works an extra shift?

My cell phone rings and Tess’ number appears on the screen. This won’t be an easy conversation. She’s probably hysterical.
I take a deep breath. “Hey.”
Tess sniffles on the other end of the line. “How could you do this to me?”

“Do what?”

“Lie to me,” Tess says between ragged sobs. “You were supposed to be my best friend. I trusted you.”


The word knocks the air out of my lungs.

“I didn’t lie.”

“The results of Reed’s drug test came back, Peyton. They were negative.”
For a second, I’m not sure if I heard her correctly. “Then the results are wrong. They need to test him again.”
My head spins like I’m stuck on a ride that’s moving too fast.

“Did you even think about how this would affect me?” Tess chokes back a sob. “Reed would’ve been banned from competition and the gym. And I would’ve ended up sleeping in the car, with my mom, in the Walmart parking lot. Without my brother’s help, her paychecks would last us two weeks.”

“I’d never do anything to hurt you, or your family, Tess.”

“You already did.”

“But I—”

The line goes dead.

The test came back clean.

My Thoughts

The first thing that I love about this book is the opening note.

I don’t know if you have any idea of how it feels to want to say something about an incident that really happened but you’re scared that you won’t be believed. Or you say what really happened about something and no one believes you. The world literally calls you a liar and the one who is wrong plays the perfect… I don’t even know what word to use. Probably victim should be the word to use. Mehn, honestly, that shit hurts a lot like hell.

Well, the story is not that sad after all. It’s all about finding a happy even after not a happy ever after. I honestly think that happy ever after is a scam. It doesn’t exist. At all!

I mean life can’t be all bed of roses till one dies. There has to be strips of thorns by the side of the bed of roses.

Peyton Rios, high school athlete who just got admission into UCH was having a good life untill she found out her boyfriend, Reed was cheating in his own field of sport. Wrestling. Ohhh, that sparked arguments. Arguments which led to breaking up which led to physical assault. Physical assault painted as an accident. Peyton talked and told everyone that it wasn’t an accident. No one believed her. Her best friend supported her brother. The so called brother still played the perfect boyfriend who is being lied against. This assault caused Peyton surgery and months of rehabilitation. Faithful Reed followers who thought Peyton needed to be punished for almost ruining Reed’s perfect reputation started threatening her till she had to move away and change schools.

After this incident, Peyton was shattered. Her heart was broken to pieces. She vowed never to fall in love again. More like she thinks she isn’t capable of falling in love. She’s just going to focus on healing her legs so she can compete in the next season. She’s going to blend into the shadows at this new school she’s going. But as fate would have it, she couldn’t help falling for this really handsome guy. This guy,Chris happens to be a fighter too. That sparked up red x’s. Dangerous zone. But bleh,Peyton’s heart has other plans.

It’s really annoying when your head says something and your heart is saying something else.

So Chris and Peyton were just friends until it led to something more. The almost kiss moments portrayed by Kami were really annoying. I was already chanting in my head; kiss,kiss,kiss. Only for the kiss not to happen then. But it eventually happened later ☺.They were pretty cute together.Chris and Peyton had issues of their own but they worked their way through it. Reed never gave up on Peyton and kept stalking her until he stalked her to his doom. And Peyton lived happily even after she was broken to pieces.

I tried to be vague with the details of the novel 😑. I hope I was.

The messages Kami tried to pass across to the readers is something really paramount and important.

To the athletes out there, you cheating by using drugs and pumping your body with different substances isn’t helping you at all. You’re destroying yourself! Killing yourself! It’s actually against the law, if you get caught you will be thrown into prison! So please, I beg you, if you are into this, please seek professional help and stop it. If you are thinking of going into this, please, have a change of heart. This stuffs kills. It turns you into this person you are not. Do not take any form of hard substances or performance enhancing drugs. You just going to end up like Reed if not worse than that.

To the girls and ladies out there. You can be strong like Peyton. No matter what hell you’ve been through, you can still pull out stronger and better than you were. What does not kill you makes you stronger. If your heart has been broken into pieces, pick up the pieces and glue them together. Do not wish for a happy ever after. Work towards a happy even after. Always speak out! A lot of ladies are dying from not being able to speak about something that really happened to them. You are stronger than you think ladies!

And to the men or guys, do not keep stuffs from your lady 😒. It’s annoying and it hurts like hell. It sows the seed of distrust.

Well, that’s the end of my review. I hope you enjoyed it because I kind of wrote it in a rush. I will write up on the effects and consequences of taking performance enhancing drugs for athletes.

Until next time😉. You can reach out to me via my email; annyimoro@gmail.com, if you have any thing you wish to let me know. And also, do read the book and let me know what you think about it.


Roshani Chokshi; Aru Shah and The End of Time

Hey my lovelies🤗, I was reading this particular book yesterday and I decided to a quick and short review on it.

Aru Shah and the End of Time, I saw this book on Serena’s recent post ( https://wp.me/p8Kw9q-EG) where she talked about books about to be published. It was actually the second book I saw. What attracted me was the Rick Riordan logo I saw at the top of the cover picture. Dicussing further with Serena, she made me realize it was Hindu Mythology. Boy! I was eager to get the book,bury my head inside and get lost in the magical world of Hindu mythology.

While reading Aru Shah and the End of Time, I enjoyed it at first,I almost got bored at the middle( I dont know why),then I really enjoyed it till the end.

You can like guess what the story line is going to be if you’re familiar with Rick Riordan’s work. The novel is all about a young kid discovering she’s a demigod and then embarking on a quest to save the world… Time rather, but saving time is equal to saving the world, so yeah, to save the world.

This is the first time I’m reading Hindu Mythology and I must say I don’t find it as fascinating as I found Greek Mythology to be. Yeah, they have cool gods and all but I just can’t feel their vibe, if you get what I mean. Maybe it’s because I’m yet to do my research on Hindu Mythology, I don’t know. I actually kinda feel like the the gods of Hindu and Greek gods are similar in some ways. For example; Lord Indra is the king of gods, king of heaven, the god of lightening,thunder,rains and river flows. His weapon is thunderbolt. He’s so similar to Zeus, the Greek god of the Sky, other Greek gods, thunder, law,etc. His weapon is also thunder bolt. There are other similar stuffs like the dogs at the entrance of the Kingdom of Death and so on. I feel like it’s the similarities that put me off a little bit.

But I love Roshani’s writing style. He has a nice sense of humor which made me laugh all the while I read the book. My favorite was where they were to be claimed by gods who was their father. When one of the the characters discovered she’s… 😂 let me show y’all.

I just love his humor.

Speaking about the gods claiming their earthly children. That’s a familiar scene from the series by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson.

I just feel Roshani’s work is really really similar to that of Rick. The only difference I think is there is that Roshani has a higher sense of humor than Rick.

In all, I love the book,the characters are my favorite 😍. It’s nice and interesting. I actually enjoyed my journey through the world of Hindu mythology but I don’t think I still have a thing for Hindu gods just yet. You should totally get the book, you won’t regret it 😉. I can’t wait for book two to be released honestly!

In the meantime, I’ll be off digging out more on Hindu mythology. And Norse mythology too.

Tomi Adeyemi; Children of Blood and Bone.

For my first book review, I never thought I’d be reviewing a book written by a Nigerian author. I had plans to review books written by authors like Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Dan Brown, Nora Roberts, Frederick Forsyth and the likes. In fact I was so confused about which book to review because my library is filled with various books from various authors. And then I stumbled upon Tomi Adeyemi’s work.

The first time I saw her book was on Twitter, where she accused a fellow author,Nora Roberts of stealing her book cover. I overlooked it then,not paying any particular attention to it. I then stumbled upon it in my library. It was like the book was calling to me “Anu, come read me.” I decided to give it a try, I never expected it to be something so wonderful and exciting. As I opened the first page and I started reading, I was hooked until the last page. It was when I finished reading the first chapter that I knew this was it. The book that’s going to be my first review.

Children of Blood and Bone is a Young Adults fiction Genre . A book with a rich plot woven around the African mythology. Funny enough,when I was in secondary school, SSS 3 I think … I once mentioned to my friends how wonderful it would be to have a mythology about Nigerian gods, Yoruba gods to be precise: a Nigerian mythology written like that of the Greek and Roman mythology. But my friends laughed it off and said it would be really ridiculous,writing about Oya, Sango,Ogun,Orunmila,Yemoja, etc. But then, here it is! Tomi proved them wrong a hundred and one times. Sit back and let me take you on a journey through Tomi’s suspense driven mythology.

The Land of Orïsha


“In the beginning, Orïsha was a land where the rare and the sacred maji thrived. Each of the ten clans was gifted by the gods above and was given a different power over the land. There were maji who could control water, others who commanded fire. There were maji with power to read minds,maji who could even peer through time!”

Though we’ve all heard this story at one point or another – Mama Agba,from parents we no longer have – hearing it again doesn’t bother take the wonder away from it words. Our eyes light up as Mama Agba describes maji with the gift of healing and the ability to cause diseases. We lean in when she speaks of the maji who tamed the wild beasts of the land,of maji who wielded the light and darkness in the palms of their hands.

“Each maji was born with a white hair, a sign of gods’ touch. They used their gifts to care for the people of Orïsha and were revered throughout the nation. But not everyone was gifted by the gods.” Mama Agba gestures around the room. “Because of this,anytime maji is born, the whole provinces rejoiced,celebrating at the first sight of their white coils. The chosen children could not do magic until they turn thirteen ,so until their powers manifested, they were called the ibawi,the divine.”

Bisi lefts her chin and smiles,remembering the origin of our divîner title. Mama Agba reaches down and tugs on a strand of her white hair, a marker we’ve all been taught to hide.

“The maji rose throughout Orïsha becoming the first kings and queens. In that time, everyone knew peace but that peace didn’t last. Those in power began to abuse their magic and as punishment, the gods stripped them of their gifts. When the maji leached from their blood, their white hair disappeared as a sign of their sign. Over generations, the love of the maji turned into fear, fear turned into hate,hate turned into violence, a desire to wipe the maji away.”

The room dims in echo of mama’s words. We all know what comes next; The night we never speak of, the night we’ll never be able to forget.

“Until that night, the maji were able to survive because they used their powers to defend themselves. Until eleven years ago,magic disappeared. Only the gods know why.” Mama Agba shuts her eyes and releases a heavy sign. “One day magic breathed. The next,it died.”

My Thoughts on the Book;

The excerpt above tells the story of how Orïsha came to be. It tells the story of the past eleven years Orïsha thrived before The Raid; the night when magic died in Orïsha. The night when King Saran finally carried out his intent on destroying the maji

Tomi characterized Orïsha as a place filled with violence, pain, hatred, death, genocide and segregation. In the midst of all these, there were moments of joy, happiness, friendly banters, kindling romance. Though these only lasted for temporary moments but it was beautiful to witness.

I love the way Tomi wrote the book from the perspective of three different characters. It gave the audience the opportunity to view the whole plot from different angles. The characters were also spectacular in their own way. Teenagers who grew up to be matured adolescents through series of events and decisions made.

There’s Zélie the protagonist of the novel. I absolutely adore her bravery, courage and her struggles throughout the novel. She’s one hell of a fierce powerful maji.

I’m really trying not to give spoilers 😩😂.

It’s not easy being the only person burdened with the task of bringing magic back within a few days with a whole army of the king chasing after your ass. She can also be impulsive. And she has a sharp tongue too. You can’t win a battle of words with her. She’s an aggressive teenager. She’s often hostile to strangers. And she’s one hell of a good fighter. Mama Agba trained her well.

And there’s Amari, the confused princess who’s never been out of the palace until the moment she betrayed her father. She’s the kind of princess that doesn’t like the palace life and the politics involved. Sister to the Captain of Guard. She has this timid shy personality which changes with time as events and situations happens in the novel. With time she became a lionaire. She acted like a voice of reason to Tzain when he was so angry. I love her, she’s kinda cute ☺. And She’s fit to be the Queen of Orïsha. I see her as the future ruler of Orïsha.

And then the third character we saw the world of Orïsha through his eyes, Inan; the Captain of Guard and the Crown Prince. I particularly loved him which was why I cried at the end of the book. He didn’t deserve what happened to him 😫. I could understand him,relate with him, his confusion. He tried so hard to please his father, doing everything asked of him, following in his footsteps despite not being comfortable with it just to receive that pat on the back and hear a “I’m proud of you” sentence. He might have deserved what happened to him later because he couldn’t stand up to his father and most importantly to himself. He should have just accepted himself for what he was.

My most favorite aspect of Tomi’s Children of Blood and Bone is the way she portrayed the African heritage, culture and tradition. Reading the novel will show you she’s a proud African, omo Yoruba gidi. She employed the use of rich Yoruba language to describe the spells and incantations. She also employed the use of rich words to describe the African beauty of the characters,the towns and villages. And also the rich West African cuisines like jollof rice, shuku shuku.

It’s really refreshing to see a change in the way fantasies and mythology are written. Tomi took a bold step and wrote something completely different from what the world is focused on: European culture. Tomi shows and proves that fantasy is universal.

Did I forget to mention that it’s a trilogy: The legacy of Orïsha. Children of Blood and Bone is book one. And book two Children of Virtue and Vengeance, expected to be published June 4,2019.

Check out this book on Goodreads: Children of Blood and Bone http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34728667-children-of-blood-and-bone

Or get it directly from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1250170974/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_0LmsCbDJC6J8Z

You can also get it from Anybooks,make sure you download using vidmate downloader; https://www.anybooks.app/#shareType=1

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